Regional Sections

CITT/ICTS has a National and Regional structure.
Therefore, members belong to the National organisation and, where there is one, to their Regional Section.

There are 5 regional Sections and 1 region grouping recognized by CITT/ICTS:

The purpose of the formation of a CITT/ICTS Section or a region grouping is to stimulate the exchange of ideas and information among members in close geographic proximity and to support and further the stated purposes of CITT/ICTS.
See CITT/ICTS Bylaws excerpt on the Sections.

The Regional Sections hold events that are in close proximity to their members. These events vary from training sessions, demonstrations of new technologies, certification courses, networking opportunities and various social events.

CITT/ICTS encourages and promotes events and workshops that allow our members to obtain certification in work skills:

  1. through the Ministry of Mines and Resources for Pyrotechnic Special Effects certification;
  2. through the ETCP certification programme;
  3. through its Sections, hold workshops on a variety of topics as requested by the membership;
  4. through Rendez-vous, CITT/ICTS’s annual Conference held in August in a different city every year;
  5. by informing members of certification opportunities held elsewhere.

CITT/ICTS members can organise or request a workshop through their Regional Section. Funds and logistical assistance are available for that. Members can contact their Regional Representative or the National Office for more information.