Nomination Procedure

To nominate your candidate, please complete the CITT/ICTS Awards Nomination Web Form:

  1. The form must include the following (Please prepare all this information in advance, as the form will not allow you to save your progress): 
    1. The Candidate's name and contact information.
    2. The Award for which they are nominated.
    3. The names of two Nominators, both of whom must be members in good standing of CITT/ICTS.
    4. An explanation of who the Candidate is.
    5. A short text from the nominators stating their support for the nomination.
    6. A list of the accomplishments of the individual or the company stating why you believe they are worthy of being honoured by CITT/ICTS.
  2. The form must be submitted and supported by both nominators (the CITT/ICTS Membership ID numbers of each member will be required).
  3. If you presented a nomination in a previous year, you may continue to support this nomination by submitting your previous nomination letter in the web form.

The deadline for nominations to be received is March 31st of every year. 

The final selection is made by the Award Committee and the awards are handed out at the award banquet held during the CITT/ICTS annual conference.  

For more information contact the National Office at 514 504-9998 or by email.