Dear Members,

At the Board meeting directly following Rendez-vous 2019, the Directors identified the need for a new Strategic Plan that would provide measurable, achievable, but ambitious goals for the next 5 years of CITT/ICTS’s operations. A consultant was engaged to support the process, and comments, feedback and suggestions were solicited from a number of current, prior and prospective members. In early 2020, the Directors met and worked on bringing together the feedback and the input of the board members to form a draft Strategic Plan, with the intention of releasing it at Rendez-vous 2020.

And then, in March 2020, everything stopped.

While the immediate crisis took top priority, the Board was unable to deliver the Strategic Plan as intended. The severe impact of COVID-19 rendered a significant portion of the work we had completed as no longer viable.

In 2021, work resumed at the Board Level, with some new board members, and a draft of the Strategic plan was produced and distributed in August 2021 to the CITT/ICTS membership. The board then proceeded to incorporate the received feedback and modify the plan further to reflect the changed priorities of the organisation in 2021.

Now finalized, CITT/ICTS is happy to share the Strategic Plan with its members and partners, activate the resources for the priorities, seek out additional resources where necessary, communicate the ideas behind the plan and convince stakeholders of the positive outcomes. Over the course of the 5 years of the plan, CITT/ICTS will actively pursue the advancement of each priority to continue to serve the members and play a key role in the Canadian performing arts technology field.

 The Strategic Plan prioritizes four main areas of CITT/ICTS’s operations, with clear goals and measurable milestones for each:

  1. Communications
  2. Professional Development
  3. Engaging with Members and Recognizing Excellence
  4. Best Practices

The summary is now available for download: 2021-2025 CITT/ICTS Strategic Plan (.pdf)

On behalf of the Board of Directors of CITT/ICTS,

Matt Frankish
CITT/ICTS President


Dear members,
Over the course of the past 2 years, the CITT/ICTS board of directors has been working on drafting the organization’s first strategic plan. This document, will map the future of CITT/ICTS in the upcoming years. Thanks to your feedbacks and comments, the Board, with the help of consultants, reviewed, revisited and redefined the core values, the mission and the vision of the CITT/ICTS. We take pride in the organization's accomplishments over the past 20 years and welcome with enthusiasm the new paths ahead of us.
This is our CITT/ICTS and we want you to be part of it.
I would like to thank the board members, past and present, and the national coordinator that worked on this document and acknowledge the collaboration of our consultants Sandra Thompson and Cheryl Ewing who assisted us with this endeavour.
The summary report is available for download on our website CITT/ICTS Strategic Plan 2012-2015 (.pdf)
Norberts J. Muncs
CITT/ICTS President 2011-2014