World Stage Design 2022
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
August 6 to 16, 2022

World Stage Design (WSD) is the first and only designer-based exhibition to showcase and celebrate performance design from individual designers. Held every four years, WSD has now travelled to four cities, Toronto, Canada (2005); Seoul, South Korea (2009); Cardiff, Wales, UK (2013); Taipei, Taiwan. The sixth WSD exhibition will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The WSD2022 exhibitions are open to all designers for performance. We encourage individual designers to forward their work for consideration by the international selection jury. Designers are invited to attend this global event, which will include Scenofest, offering opportunities for multicultural exchange.

 The Organizing Committee and OISTAT are pleased to declare that World Stage Design 2022 will proceed as an IN-PERSON event. They realize not everyone will be able to travel, or some may not be comfortable travelling yet. There will be excellent online programming and the WSD Exhibitions (including Theatre Architecture Competition and Technical Invention Prize) will be available in a digital format. All OISTAT meetings will have online participation options.

You will need to purchase Hybrid registration for World Stage Design 2022 in-person attendance before purchasing tickets to performances, workshops, masterclasses, or seminars. The WSD2022 Hybrid registration includes access to all exhibitions (Professional, Emerging, TAC, and TIP) plus tickets to all Keynote Presentations, Lectures and Seminars based venue capacity on a first come, first served basis. Registration fees will vary.

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About World Stage Design

World Stage Design (WSD) is an OISTAT event that is comprised of 4 distinct components that are presented simultaneously:

  1. International Design Exhibition and Competition
  2. Scenofest
  3. Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC)
  4. Technical Invention Prize (TIP)

Delegate & Student Delegate Engagement Opportunities
at Scenofest, WSD & Rendez-vous 2022

World Stage Design 2022 is offering engagement opportunities for delegates and student delegates who are passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, and have an interest in theatre and performance

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Delegates and Student Delegates will play a vital role in making WSD 2022 a dynamic and successful event for all in attendance. Previous experience in any related aspect of technical theatre or design will be considered an asset.

World Stage Design is an extraordinary international festival that includes exhibitions, performances, workshops, and lectures by professional designers and will provide attendees and participants with an outstanding opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in theatrical design and performance. WSD takes place every four years, and the events are attended by enthusiastic theatrical practitioners, architects, technicians, educators, students, and theatregoers from across the globe.


The Student Common Design Project is an initiative to bring design students around the world together to discuss their work with their peers and professional designers during Scenofest 2022.

Applicants will create a design based the script antigone lives*, a new play by Canadian playwright, Susanna Fournier. antigone lives* will be part of Scenofest at WSD 2022 in Calgary, Canada and will include a hybrid (physical artifacts and digital) exhibit. Students and emerging designers are invited to participate in critical discussion with each other and with prominent international artists in a combined in-person and online format. The participants will have the chance to talk with the playwright of antigone lives* at the University of Calgary.

The Play and Design Challenge: antigone lives* is a contemporary re-telling of Sophocles’ original play Antigone. Part rave, part family drama, the script moves between the personal and the political, from the dramatic to post-dramatic, defying convention. Fournier leaves space for daring interpretations and speaks in the language of contemporary young adults.

Designs should confront and give rise to the visual challenges found in this contemporary version of the famous ancient text of Sophocles. Students will present and compare their work with the work of their peers from around the world.

Exclusive OISTAT Member Rate at WSD 2022

When registering for WSD 2022, CITT/ICTS Members benefit from an exclusive OISTAT member rate (CAD $20 OFF their main registration and any category) with promo code. To get the promo code, please email the National Office!

Important! If you also plan to attend Rendez-vous 2022 Conference and Trade Show (August 11-13, during WSD 2022), this year's conference delegate registration is combined with WSD2022, using their online registration portal. However, CITT/ICTS members will be asked to enter a specific promo code as well. More information here.

International Design Exhibition and Competition


The Exhibition will divide into the following categories for both Professional and Emerging Designers:

  • Performance Design
  • Space Design
  • Set Design, Sound Design, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Projection Design
  • Alternative

Click here to see the Professional and the Emerging Exhibitions 2022 Shortlists!

Special Mentions

The WSD Planning Committee would like to acknowledge achievement in three specific areas. Each designer will be asked to identify if they feel their work should be identified in the following:

Indigenous Design for Performance
The designer may choose to have their work identified for special mention as Indigenous Design for Performance if they identify as an Indigenous Artist as defined by Unesco.

EcoScenography and/or Sustainable Design
The designer may choose to have their work identified for special mention as EcoScenography and/or sustainable design. Please indicate your reasons for seeing your work in this category of specialization.

Mixed Reality Scenography and Design
The designer may choose to have their work identified for special mention as mixed reality scenography which could include AR/VR/MR and other digital contexts. Please indicate your reasons for seeing your work in this category of specialization.


The Three Sisters

Located near Canmore, Alberta, between UCalgary and Banff National Park, is a mountain known as the Three Sisters. The mountain is known for its three peaks and is a significant landmark to the area with stories and the name originating with the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. This mountain has served as an inspiration for our thinking around World Stage Design writ large and small. WSD is a multi-summit event, like the Three Sisters.

Through our discernment of priorities for this event, the planning committee has been inspired by landscape of the region. While travelling from Banff to Calgary, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and looking onto the prairie unfolding before us, we crafted our three sisters of Scenofest. These sisters are individual peaks but also closely connected as they share a singular base, and extend from the same piece of earth. Like the base of the Three Sisters mountain, the coming together of our Three Sisters will be a fertile and lively place.

Deadline for Applications: July 15th 2022
The SCENOFEST Common Design Project is an initiative to bring design students around the world together to discuss their work with their peers and professional designers during Scenofest 2022. DETAILS

Multiple Scenofest Exhibitors have sent out calls for participants and panelists. Join in on the fun! DETAILS

More information about Scenofest here.