Student Delegate Program


Become a Student Delegate at WSD2022 and Rendez-vous Annual Conference and Trade Show! 

The 2022 Rendez-vous will be held during World Stage Design 2022 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from August 11 to 13.

In order to work as a Delegate or Student Delegate for Rendez-vous 2022, please express you interest using the WSD Delegate and Student Delegate Engagement program online registration form (link below). In the form, you will be asked to provide information such as your availability, skills, and interests.

Should you wish to work primarily on Rendez-vous 2022, you may indicate so by selecting CITT/ICTS Rendez-vous in the Delegate Area of Preference section of the form. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!

WSD Delegate and Student Delegate Engagement program

Info & Registration Form

During the Rendez-vous conference, student volunteers are assigned various task, which includes setting up and tearing down the Trade Show, troubleshooting technical problems such AV projectors, sound equipment, etc. helping out with hospitality, giving a hand at the registration desk, and more...!

CITT/ICTS Annual Conference and Trade Show Rendez-vous has been held for over 25 years. During that time, student volunteers have played a key role in guaranteeing its success. Whether they assist in mounting the trade show, setting up the social events, or helping out at the registration desk, the student volunteers contribute in making our annual event a tremendous hit!

*** To help support the Student Volunteer Program, donators are invited to sponsor the program with pledges available starting at $25 up to $200. All funds raised will be used to assist students from all parts of the country to travel and attend the annual conference as a student volunteer. More information about sponsorship will be coming soon! Thank you for your support. ***

IMPORTANT: Please note that in-person attendance, travel and accommodation logistics will be subjected to current legal restrictions. CITT/ICTS will keep participants informed and up to date on the changing situation and advise when needed. ***

Why Volunteer?

As a student volunteer you are treated as one of the family. Volunteers are warmly welcomed and encouraged to take part in the activities and attend the events; it’s a combination of volunteer work and good times! Plus, we’ll introduce you to influential people in the industry such as professional workers, potential employers, mentors and teachers.

And... you also get the following perks*:

  • A Full Conference Pass (you are required to dedicate your time as a volunteer first and assist at sessions when possible)  
  • A complimentary Student Membership for one year**
  • Unique networking opportunities with future colleagues and employers
  • Hands-on experience with professionals from across Canada
  • Access to all social events and meals
  • Swag beyond recognition
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Discover new cities and regions
  • Fun, Fun, and more Fun!

Photos from Rendez-vous 2010 in Halifax NS

RV2010-TS3.JPG   RV2010-TS4.JPG
    Trade Show set up on Thursday August 12                   Trade Show set up on Thursday August 12

RV2010-F3.JPG   RV2010-FD1.JPG
     CITT/ICTS Board member chats with student volunteers        CITT/ICTS Forum Day


RV2010-JC1.JPG   RV2010-SB2.JPG
      The runner-up team at Junk Challenge                     Swag Bingo!

How does it work?
As a student volunteer you can attend all the conference events including sessions, forum, social events, etc., but you are required to dedicate you time and volunteer in setting-up and tearing down the conference events first. The busiest day is Wednesday, which is the day we set up the trade show. Thursday and Friday are also busy, but we make sure that the student volunteers are able to take in as much of the conference as possible. The work schedule is prepared by the conference technical director who manages the volunteer crews.

Sign up now!
Sign up and join us in Calgary, AB, in August 2022 for yet another exciting conference! Be part of the action and connect with the Canadian live performance and entertainment community. Fill out the registration form and we will get in touch with you regarding your schedule and duties.

We look forward to having you on board!

Benefits are subject to change without notice. Student volunteers must be legal drinking age of the province/territory in which the conference is held  - for Alberta the legal drinking age is 18 years old. They are required to provide for their transportation to the conference as well as their lodging for the duration of the conference. For more details, please contact the CITT/ICTS National Office.

** Some restrictions apply. For more details, please contact the CITT/ICTS National Office at or 1 888 277-3383 / 514 504-9998