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- presented by the OISTAT Technology Commission
posted on 8:43 AM, October 18, 2009

Every true Theatre Technician knows it and relies on it: devices particularly used in theatre, often put together by people working on stage to make their job easier. They are true gadgets or basically simple – yet smart – solutions for our kind of work. 

There must be quite a lot of them, some used only in opera, others in travelling shows, some for some reason only in one particular country. Simple solutions to tie a cable to a fly bar, handy tilting devices, unorthodox accessories for lightning technicians...

Mostly they consist of cheap materials that we use all the time, but are put together in a way that creates a new apparatus. Quite normal to the people accustomed to working with it – unheard of by fellow technicians somewhere else! Who knows: you yourself might even have invented one!

Would it not be interesting to share this knowledge? Well, here it is:

The Technical Commission of OISTAT initiates a competition of these simple yet bright ideas that are in use on stage every day: 

The TIP!

Awarded to the theatre technician who comes up with the most creative idea for common practice on stage. The winner will be announced on the TIP award ceremony at the PQ2011 in Prague.  

How to join:

  1. Describe your invention in 1000 words or less, in English.

  2. Add at least one drawing or picture or both in .pdf or jpg format (remember: an image is worth a thousand words!)

  3. Fill out the registration form (download it here => scroll to myname.xls)

  4. Mail everything to tip@oistat.org BEFORE September 1 2010.

Of course there are some rules:

1.    The idea must concern an apparatus or (auxiliary) tool that is specifically used in theatre technology, capable of being used at every location where theatre technology is practiced.

2.    It must consist of materials and/or parts and/or components that are ‘standard’ and can be bought easily.

3.    Materials, parts and components that are developed for, and normally used in another industry, may certainly be used in a new and different way for our discipline.

4.    The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must be-–without possible doubt-–developed by a current or former theatre technician. Renowned solutions, gadgets or tools may not be entered into the competition.

5.    The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must not be developed by a professional commercial company.

6.    The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool should be free of any rights and everyone should be able to use it without any financial consequences.

7.    The apparatus or (auxiliary) tool must already be in practical use somewhere.

8.    All members of OISTAT centres or individual OISTAT members can join with maximum 3 entries.

9.    By entering, you give OISTAT the permission to use the texts and pictures you’ve submitted in publications. The rights of the actual invention stay with the inventor. Registration form and other files submitted must bear your name such as myname.xls, myname.jpg, myname.pdf

 Best of luck to all!

To download the OISTAT TIP flyer click here

Visit the OISTAT Technology Committee webpage

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