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What's New > CHRC Newsletter - May 2011

CHRC Newsletter - May 2011

posted on 6:32 PM, May 11, 2011

Cultural Human Resources Council

Welcome to the
CHRC Newsletter
May 2011

In this issue!

Annual General Meeting Announcement

You are invited to attend CHRC's
2011 Annual General Meeting
at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa
on June 17 at 11:00 am.

All are welcome.

It is an excellent opportunity to meet the Board and Staff and other CHRC members, and to get a bird's eye view of CHRC activities in the year that is past and the year to come.

Board Elections

CHRC's Board is comprised of 16 elected Directors who include an employer and a worker representative from each of the sub-sectors/cultural industries: Broadcasting, Film and Television, Music and Sound Recording, Writing and Publishing, Visual Arts and Crafts, Heritage, Digital Media, and the Live Performing Arts. Directors serve for three-year terms, renewable 2 times. CHRC members vote for the nominees in their particular sub-sector/industry.

The Call for Nominations has gone out with a proposed slate prepared by CHRC's Nominating Committee. If additional nominations are received by the May 10 deadline, elections will be held as necessary in the appropriate sub-sectors. The final slate for CHRC's Board of Directors will be ratified by the members at the AGM.

Web 3.0 in Stratford

For over a decade CHRC has been tracking the HR needs of Digital Media content creators. In the early 2000s these ground breaking artists creating in digital media often worked from their homes but were quickly discovering a virtual community of likeminded creators in the burgeoning Digital Media industry. With the rapid rise in popularity of video games and social networking, DM content creators with their unique combination of creative and technical skills fast became a much sought after "labor force". CHRC helped them to define their skills in competency charts and profiles for New Media Content Creators and Interactive Media Producers; and developed course content that helped develop entrepreneurial skills ("Setting up a New Media Business"), and creative/production skills ("Convergent Media"). As noted below, CHRC is currently working on course content on "Project Management for Digital Media Producers."

The central place of DM content creators was highlighted in the government's Digital Economy Strategy, released at Canada Web 3.0 in May 2010:

"Digital Media entrepreneurs have the ability to create Canada's digital content advantage with vision and boldness to unleash the potential of content to capitalize on our investments in digital infrastructure and drive more innovation in the years ahead."

At Web 3.0 in May 2011, CHRC's Executive Director, Susan Annis, joined the Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for tomorrow's ICT Skills on a panel about HR needs for Digital Media content creators and ICT professionals. Quoting from CHRC's submission on the Digital Economy Strategy, she offered this description of the DM content creators at the heart of the DM industry:

"More cultural workers are needed who have the unique integration of technical, creative and business/ entrepreneurial skills to operate successfully in a digital environment_. the skills sought in the cultural sector are hybrid creative-technical-entrepreneurial to develop a multi-skilled workforce unique to the cultural sector".

Impact of Emerging Digital Technologies on the Cultural Sector

The study is in its final stages and it has brought forward strong intentions to enable the cultural sector to face the challenging emerging digital technologies.

Individual consultations and validation workshops held across Canada over the last three months, supported by rigorous research, are resulting in solid cross-sectoral and intersectoral recommendations.

Our colleagues at Group Nordicity are diligently fulfilling their mandate and will present these recommendations to the Steering Committee for approval in mid-May. The study will then be circulated to the national Roundtable participants to develop an action plan; the Roundtable is scheduled to be held in mid-June.

Since launching the research project in October 2010, the Cultural Human Resources Council (in keeping with its facilitation role) invited and encouraged the collaboration of many dynamic representatives of cultural industries who shared their views on the impact of emerging digital technologies on their realities. Fulfilling training needs, at all levels, is crucial if the sector is to contribute to this digital economy project (or, as highlighted by Ian Wilson at the Canada 3.0 conference, to this digital society project) which is presently taking shape in Canada.

CHRC is convinced that the future lies in a tight collaboration between cultural sector stakeholders and educators. That is how we will develop advanced tools that will ensure the presence of Canadian content creators on the digital scene.

Pilot Workshops for the Music Industry

Rights Management in the Music Industry

At the ECMA's "Beat of Business" in April:

"The East Coast Music Week's 2011 Industry Conference is pleased to present the Cultural Human Resource Council: Rights Management!, an online tutorial and interactive information seminar. Designed with the participant's needs in mind, it will walk you through the most important aspect of your musical career: managing your intellectual property. The two-part session explores performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights, print rights, nonpublishing income, and more!

Led by music industry veteran Jodie Ferneyhough (CCS Rights Management, Toronto, ON), artists, managers, and company representatives will participate in an online tutorial that will cover the basics of how IP works, and the players involved who work it on your behalf. Participants will engage in an advance tutorial overview, and encouraged to ask questions, which will be used as the basis of a custom built two-part seminar. Part one of this session further explores rights management, while part two will walk you through the synchronization process."

In Saskatchewan with SaskMusic:

"Rock and Roll ain't what it used to be"

"Intellectual property are the new buzzwords but what do they mean? Learn why it's important, who protects it, how it generates money, and where that money comes from. Join us for an online tutorial and interactive information seminar. Designed with the participant's needs in mind, we will walk you through the most important aspect of your musical career: managing your intellectual property. The two-part session explores performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights, print rights, non-publishing income, and more!"

Led by music industry veteran Jodie Ferneyhough (CCS Rights Management, Toronto ON), artists, managers, and company representatives will participate in an online tutorial that will cover the basics of how IP works, and the players involved who work it on your behalf.

More workshops to come at North by Northeast in June, and at the AGM of Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique, and in conjunction with Musique NB in the fall.

Pilot Workshops for the Film and Television Industry and Digital Media

Production Accounting

In April, in collaboration with WIFT and its Business Management for Media Professionals seminars:

"Production Accounting" (New)

"Production Accounting explores the role and responsibilities of the production accountant and staff. Participants follow a detailed analysis of the methods and procedures used by accountants working in various sectors of the screen-based industry. Participants will acquire hard skills and analytical tools through a comprehensive review of bookkeeping and specifics for media production. The course is intended to familiarize students with the statements and processes required to operate a production company.
- With John Gaskin, Production Accountant and Instructor"


Business Skills for Film and Television Producers

Project Management for Digital Media Producers

These pilot workshops are in development.

Magazine Publishing

Training Gaps Analysis Underway

CHRC is pleased to be working with consultant Johanne Provençal at Simon Fraser University to undertake a survey of training offerings for the magazine industry, and a training needs assessment- all based on CHRC's industry developed competency chart and profile. She will follow that up with recommendations which will include a sample outline for a certificate course in magazine publishing. These will be released at CHRC's national magazine industry Roundtable just prior to MagNet in June.

Online Courses getting finishing touches

CHRC's Steering Committee for Magazine Publishing met in early May to review the final drafts of the four online courses that address digitization in the industry in the areas of advertising, editorial, production, and circulation. They will also be reviewed at the national Roundtable in June, and piloted by Magazines Canada in September.

Our Valued Members

Organisation members are now listed on our website

Having just completed our annual membership drive and seeing our numbers continuing to grow, we are reminded how grateful we are for our members! You give strength and credibility to CHRC, and of course advice and guidance on how we can best serve you. Organisation and Organisation Enhanced members are now listed on our website in the Membership section. And of course Organisation Enhanced members are profiled regularly on the Membership main page as well.

Thank you for your continuing support!

Reduced rate for the International Journal of Arts Management

CHRC is pleased to offer the highly regarded International Journal of Arts Management at a preferential rate for its members. If a member buys an annual subscription to the journal, this member will save 20% and pay only $60 instead of the regular price of $75. Three issues are published annually and each of them covers a large variety of subjects and points of view in the professional and academic fields. Subscribe now and you will receive the latest Issue, just about to be released. Send an email to journal@culturalhrc.ca in order to take advantage of this offer.

Good Bye and Hello

CHRC Staff and Board have sent Gen Denis, our Communications Officer, off to have a baby in May, with all good wishes!

We are pleased to welcome Marc-André Girouard as her replacement.

Marc-André is already developing a CHRC app. Not bad for the first week of work!. More to come in the next few weeks.

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and comments.

Susan Annis, Executive Director
Extension 22 - sannis@culturalhrc.ca

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer
Extension 29 - ebarnett@culturalhrc.ca

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager
Extension 21 - ldaoust@culturalhrc.ca

Marc-André Girouard, Interim Manager, Communications and Marketing
Extension 31 - mgirouard@culturalhrc.ca

Geneviève Guilmette, Youth Internship Program Coordinator, Project Manager
Extension 28 - gguilmette@culturalhrc.ca

Michael Lechasseur, Web Coordinator
Extension 26 - mlechasseur@culturalhrc.ca

Denise Perrier, Project Manager
Extension 30 - dperrier@culturalhrc.ca

A list of 2010/2011 Board members can be found on CHRC's web site at www.culturalhrc.ca

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