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What's New > Behind the Scenes: Don't Leave Your Colleagues in the Dark

Behind the Scenes: Don't Leave Your Colleagues in the Dark

posted on 10:45 AM, November 1, 2011

Did you know that Behind the Scenes, created by ESTA Foundation, provides financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals when they are ill or injured? 

How does it work?
Individuals and organizations to contribute money to the program, and Behind the Scenes (BTS) provides grants for emergency situations. With this initiative, our industry can make sure our colleagues are cared for when tragedy strikes.  

Many people in the entertainment technology industry lack health insurance and other financial support systems that are common for professionals in other fields. Behind the Scenes helps industry members through crises, such as serious illness, injury or death by fitting each grant to the recipient's needs. Funds can be used for medical care and living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food, transportation and child care. Your support of Behind the Scenes helps make an immediate impact in a time of need.

Since May of 2006, Behind the Scenes has provided over $200,000 in grants to industry professionals or their surviving family members to assist in a variety of ways including: short term living expenses such as food, housing and utilities; and assistance with medical bills, health insurance, physical therapy, and medications. 

Who is eligible for a Behind the Scenes Grant?
An Eligible Person is an individual who currently resides in the United States or Canada and has been at any time employed or engaged for a minimum of five years of full time service in the entertainment technology industry, or an immediate family member of such individual including his or her spouse, domestic partner or dependent children.

An eligible person does not need to be currently working in the industry as long as the time out of the industry is less than the total time worked in the industry. Performing artists are not eligible. Final determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of The ESTA Foundation.

How do you apply for a grant?
You must complete the Application for Financial Assistance which requires such information as an explanation and documentation of your illness or injury, work history, detailed financial information, and copies of your tax returns. 

What can grants be used for?
Grants may be used for basic living expenses such as rent or mortgage, property taxes, utilities, food, transportation, clothing, and childcare. They may be used for all types of medical expenses including health insurance, doctor and hospital bills, medication, physical therapy, home health care, crutches or wheelchairs. Grants may also be used to pay for funeral expenses. 

Donate now!
Behind the Scenes is working to raise $5 million to create an endowment so our industry will be able to help our colleagues for many years into the future. Please contribute today. Any amount will be appreciated. Every contribution will help. Click here to donate or visit the BTS Boutique here.

For more information, visit the Behind the Scenes website.

Also visit the Actor's Fund of Canada (available for everyone in the entertainment industry)

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