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What's New > Actsafe makes changes to Live Performance Electrical Certification test and materials

Actsafe makes changes to Live Performance Electrical Certification test and materials

posted on 1:32 PM, July 9, 2012
Actsafe has completed its review of a program launched in 2011 for technicians doing audio, lighting and electrical work in the performing arts industry. The Live Performance Electrical Certificate (LPEC) was developed in response to requests from the industry to help technicians come in line with existing regulations. Electrical certification has been required for all electrical work in B.C. for many years.
Until the launch of the LPEC in February 2011, the lowest available entertainment certification was targeted to the film industry, and required a high level of experience and electrical knowledge. So Actsafe worked with technicians and electricians to develop an online test geared to the actual work being done in theatres and for live events, touring shows, festivals and conventions.
For those who aren’t familiar with the LPEC, the B.C. Safety Authority’s letter of recognition outlines the range and limits of the work permitted by the certificate. You can download that letter here.
Six months after the launch, Actsafe began a review of the program. We asked the industry for their input into a survey, and then invited industry members to participate in evaluating the information gathered. Together, we considered all of the feedback and reviewed the test to determine what could be changed, given the goals of the program and the resources Actsafe has available. Industry feedback is reflected in the changes we’ve made. The changes, effective July 9, 2012, are as follows:
  • Re-worded some test questions and multiple choice answers to improve accuracy and understanding
Study guide
  • More complete information in the study guide, especially if a test question requires an answer that a candidate would not be expected to know based on experience in the field
  • New diagrams and content to more accurately reflect the knowledge tested in the online exam
  • Corrected formatting, punctuation, and grammar
Supporting documents
  • Added information to the Q & A document, including information about permitted generators 
  • Reduced application fee, from $50 to $25 to make it more affordable for everyone
There were also a few issues raised that could not be addressed. Here’s what they were:
Telling people which questions they got wrong
Actsafe heard from many people who would like to see how they did on the exam, and most people have very good reasons for asking. Unfortunately, we can’t offer feedback because the test has to be applied consistently to assess the ability of all candidates fairly. We don’t change the test unless we are made aware of an error, so giving candidates information about their results compromises the test.
However, if an applicant fails the test twice and would like to study before trying it again, please call the office at (604) 733-4682. In those cases only, we can review your test results. If the errors made on the first two attempts fall into one or two knowledge areas, Actsafe staff can provide some general advice about what to study before the next attempt.
Online application
An online application is technically very easy to do. But when more than one person needs access to the application package to certify experience and verify that the applicant will be the one writing the test, it adds a completely new level of technical tools that are not currently available. So, unfortunately, though we understand this is very much in demand, we can’t provide an automated online application at this time. Actsafe will continue to look at this issue and try to find a way to automate it in the future.
We hope these changes will make it easier to get certified, and welcome questions from the industry. Safety is the foundation of all great work. Do it right. Do it safely.
Those interested in writing or studying for the LPEC are encouraged to visit our website to learn more.
Download the new Q & A document here.
For more information: Dawn Brennan or Bev Pausche, (604) 733-4682
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