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Stage Manager - The Badlands Passion Play

This is a Seasonal, Full-time position.

Category: Production
Province: Drumheller, Alberta
Position: Stage Manager
Deadline: July 5, 2019
Posted: June 14, 2019

Job Description / Duties

Reporting to the Production Manager, the Stage Manager is responsible for traditional Stage Management responsibilities (tracking cues, line changes, scheduling, blocking notes, safety, actor care, calling the show, etc.), the Stage Manager also oversees a team of 4 Assistant Stage Managers (and an Intern), and communicates with multiple departments, such as the Directing Team, Sound Department, Wardrobe, Props, Front of House, etc. 
During performances, as well as calling the performance, they serve as the communication hub for the cast and crew.

Qualifications / Required Skills

- A minimum of 2 years of Theatre Technology Schooling or Stage Management schooling.
- A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the theatre industry as a Stage Manager
- A strong understanding of theatre organization
- Experience in rehearsal scheduling/planning
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
- Experience working with a large team including multiple Assistant Stage Managers and Apprentices
- Experience reading a musical score is valuable.
- Experience working on a New Work or a script that is evolving.
- Must enjoy working in a challenging creative environment with a large group of eclectic personalities
- Excellent Inter-personal skills both written and verbal, with an ability to empathize deeply with the actors and staff
- Excellent conflict resolution skills
- Willing and able to walk the challenging outdoor, 60-acre set
- A valid driver’s license is required
- Valuable related experience includes: working in theatres with volunteers and/or large casts; experience with outdoor theatre, working with Animals and First AID
- Must be able to work daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Additional Information

Areas of Oversight

- Communicating adjustments needed to props, sets, costumes, script or other design needs to the appropriate department.
- Recording the timing of each cue and effect as they are developed.
- Maintain the prompt book with all cues, technical notes, blocking and other information pertinent to running the show.
- Recording blocking during rehearsals, and ensuring that cast members stay on script, have all requisite props, and are following their blocking during performances.

- Building and disseminating the rehearsal schedule for all departments and cast members.
- Ensuring that rehearsals run on time.
- Creating and disseminating rehearsal/show reports.
- Calling the show, including stand-by’s, actor entrances, scene changes, special effects, sound cues, and other transitions.
- Maintaining the vision and quality of the show during the run.  This may include calling brush-up or understudy rehearsals.

Other Notes

The Passion Play runs on an unorthodox schedule and with a very very large team. The timelines are tight and rehearsing outdoors can be very unpredictable. Due to this, we are offering for interested parties to come to the site to shadow the current SM (in her 5th year) in order to get a better idea of what kind of show the Passion Play is.

Salary: $700-900 Weekly for Non-Union Stage Managers. Members of CAEA will be compensated accordingly.

Contact Information

Interested parties can email a cover letter and resume to Production Manager Steven Lafond at  

Employer Profile

Now in its 26th season, the Badlands Passion Play is an epic musical\theatrical portrayal of the life of Jesus set on Canada’s largest outdoor theatre stage with up to 180 performers on stage. Our approx. 35 member Production team works with the volunteer and paid actor cast to present 9 performance each July to an aggregate audience of over 13,000. We invite you to consider joining us this coming season.