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Stage Manager - Alberta Ballet Company

This is a Seasonal, Full-time position.

Category: Production
Province: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Stage Manager
Deadline: April 20, 2024
Posted: March 14, 2024

Job Description / Duties

Job Title: Stage Manager
Reporting to: Executive Producer
Location: Calgary Alberta
Type of Position: FT Term Seasonal (minimum of 40 weeks)
Division: Company Department: Artistic - 400
Direct Reports: Apprentice Stage Manager; Assistant Stage Manager (dependent upon the production requirements)

The Stage Manager is responsible for the stage management of the Company. This includes both stage productions, educational, promotional, or other presentations or appearances that require production elements. The Stage Manager will provide support to the Artistic and Production management teams and ensure effective communications between a variety of groups, including dancers, technicians, and the Ballet’s staff.
This position will be for the Company’s 2024 – 2025 Season starting August 11th, 2024.
Key Deliverables/Responsibilities
 Participate in rehearsal periods.
 Provide in venue technical support.
 To run and control performances/activities.
 Administration

Detailed Tasks Associated with Key Deliverables
1. Participate in Rehearsal Periods
 Attend sufficient rehearsals to understand the choreography of each ballet to integrate the lighting and technical cues.
 Ensure that all production elements such as properties, music, costumes (if necessary) and spike marks are provided for all studio rehearsals.
 Maintain on a regular basis the sound and video inventories for the season’s ballets.
 Compile and maintain digital files such as tracking sheets, blocking, and scene breakdowns for each ballet that enters the Ballet’s repertoire.
 To use the company audio and video equipment to produce copies of music and videos, as necessary.
 Collaborate with the Artistic Department and/or Choreographer in obtaining, minor editing and producing the music for the ballets entering the repertoire. Deliver audio playback in Studio.
 Communicate with the production team regarding the production and assist in preparing the team with paper techs and rehearsals prior to moving into the venue.

2. In Venue Technical Support
 Be present at all rehearsals and performances.
 May be required to arrive at the theatre in advance of the dancers to accomplish any of the following:
 Assist electricians / lighting with special focus, cueing options, cueing sessions, when deemed necessary by Ballet.
 Meet with theatre counterpart to learn theatre rules, policies, etc. and liaise with front of house staff for a successful performance.
 Post dressing room assignments for all Artists and set up the callboard with sign in sheets and other pertinent information. Double check with Wardrobe and Artistic Staff re: casting and program.
 Spike appropriate specials and scenery placement.
 Arrange the videotaping of certain performances for archival.
 Investigate paging systems, house curtain, cueing systems, and their operation.
 Collaborate with the Assistant Technical Directors or Head of departments to problem solve issues that arise during the load-in, on stage rehearsals and performances. Proactively communicate issues or problems to the Executive Producer as necessary.

3. Running and Controlling Performances
 The Stage Manager is responsible for running and controlling the performance including the making of “calls.”
 The Stage Manager oversees calling the lighting cues, the movements of scenic elements, sound elements, technical elements, and performers. The Stage Manager should execute all calls as they feel fit, however it is encouraged to make calls from the wings when able.
 The Stage Manager is in sole charge of the backstage areas during a performance.
 The Stage Manager shall be prepared to assist the Artists on matters relating to their physical welfare and safe working conditions and facilitate consultation with the production and artistic staff.

4. Administration
 Support the production, distribution, and maintenance of the dancer schedule in compliance with the ABA.
 Attend all scheduled production meetings which involve the discussion of elements of the production which directly affect the duties and responsibilities of Stage Management.
 Work with the Artistic and Production teams to coordinate and communicate with all heads of the other departments.
 Assemble and maintain the promptbook, which is the property of the Ballet, and is defined as the accurate and up-to-date cue sheets, plots, daily records, etc. as are necessary for the actual technical and artistic operation of the production. The Stage Manager will create a full digital archive of the production and submit the promptbook to the Ballet at the end of the run of the production.
 During the rehearsal period, communicate with the Ballet's designated representative about running times and any problems in the technical elements of the production.
 Support the production of entrance/exit charts for the wardrobe department including character’s locations when entering/exiting the stage (by wing) complete with timings to assist with the assembly of dresser tracks and wardrobe tracking.
 Produce and distribute rehearsal reports that include tech notes daily while the company is in the studio.
 Produce and distribute performance reports by show while the company is in performance. Communication with each department head is encouraged prior to completion and distribution of the show report.

Key Relationships
 Foster good relations and communication with a variety of interest groups, these include IATSE locals, the performing arts industry, and the community at large.
 Ensure productive and positive working relationships with the Artistic and Production teams.
 Ensure working collaboration with Alberta Ballet administrative staff.
 Collaborate with a second Stage Manager throughout the season to ensure proper coverage and balance of work and duties.

Direct Reports / Supervisory Duties
 While in the theatre, coordinate with the Executive Producer the supervision of all personnel backstage.
 While in theatre, support of all performers.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Qualifications & Key Competencies
 Excitement for Alberta Ballet’s strategic objectives; specifically, a deep belief in the importance of ballet and the arts and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
 Minimum five (5) years’ experience as a professional dance stage manager.
 Post-secondary training in Stage Management, Theatre Production, or a related field.
 Ability to read music scores.
 Sound, interpersonal, team building skills, and a positive attitude.
 Valid Standard First Aid and CPR certificate.
 Member of Canadian Actors’ Equity (CAEA) in good standing. The successful candidate will be required to join CAEA as per the requirements under the Alberta Ballet Agreement if they are not yet a member.
 Successful completion of a Police Background and Vulnerable Sector Check as a condition of employment.
 Strong computer skills with knowledge of Office365 application, and cloud-based programs (SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, QLab, iTunes, Garageband, etc.).

Working Conditions / physical requirements
 All Stage Managers must be properly contracted on an Engagement Contract form provided by Canadian Actors’ Equity (CAEA).
 The Alberta Ballet Agreement (ABA), set by Canadian Actors’ Equity and Alberta Ballet, governs working conditions for Stage Management. Please reference clause 28:00 Stage Management.
 Must be able to travel with the company primarily between September and May (including December).
 While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, use hands, speak, and hear, work in dark and enclosed spaces.
 While in rehearsal at the studios, the expectation is that the Stage Managers hours of work are as follows: 9:30am- 6:30pm Monday to Friday. Lunch is to be taken 2:15pm- 3:15pm. Alberta Ballet recognizes that there will be times when the stage manager will be required at meetings scheduled in the regular lunch period. When this occurs, the break is to be taken from 1:15pm to 2:15pm.
 Performance weeks will require a change in daily schedule with work in the evening and weekends. The working schedule will be adjusted accordingly.
 Travel to Edmonton will be required for Performances & Rehearsal schedules.

Additional Information

This position will be eligible for weekly salary as per the ABA, enhanced benefits coverage, vacation, wellness spending allowance, health spending allowance, paid sick and personal days as per the ABA.

Please send your cover letter and resume via our career opportunities site:

Salary: $1,298.20+ per week

Contact Information

Human Resources

Employer Profile

Alberta Ballet thrills and inspires audiences with unparalleled productions. As a resident company of the Jubilee Auditorium, it reaches over 60,000 Albertans each year with performances in Calgary and Edmonton.

Alberta Ballet was founded in 1966 in Edmonton by Ruth Carse and Muriel Taylor. Today, it is a holistic ecosystem: a major professional performing arts company with an integrated and internationally renowned ballet training institution.

Alberta Ballet’s standing company of artists are classically trained and renowned for wide-ranging versatility. These dancers come from across Canada and around the world. 40% of the troupe are alumni of Alberta Ballet School, Alberta Ballet’s training division.

The most powerful part of our work is what you’ll walk away with –feelings, memories and connection.


Our vision is to ignite creativity, inspire excellence, and foster a lifelong love for dance through innovative performances, rigorous training, and inclusive education, enriching the cultural fabric of our community and beyond.

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