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Scenic Construction Coordinator - Scene Ideas Inc

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Production
Province: Richmond, British Columbia
Position: Scenic Construction Coordinator
Deadline: August 2, 2019
Posted: July 16, 2019

Job Description / Duties

To ensure that all fabrication projects and custom builds are completed efficiently and on budget by effectively managing the fabrication department resources, materials and timelines.

The Scenic Construction Coordinator will work closely with the Director of Fabrication to review and plan for all upcoming projects (pending and confirmed) including but not limited to:
•Reviewing all upcoming projects with the Director of Fabrication to prepare timelines, plans, materials and resources
•Ordering stock materials to ensure that the shop is well stocked with all commonly used materials and hardware
•Reviewing and disseminating the project info with the fabrication team (construction, welding, paint, print, etc.)
•Overseeing the build of the project through to completion
•Overseeing the gathering of all set elements and tools for the installation of the project
•Overseeing the packaging and loading of all custom set elements onto truck(s) for shipping
•Assisting in the tracking of labour numbers and submitting them to the Director of Fabrication
•Tracking material usage numbers and submitting them to the Director of Fabrication

The Scenic Construction Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and management of all projects built in the fabrication shop. This includes but is not limited to:
•Proactively reviewing and discussing all upcoming projects with the sales team and clarifying outstanding or missing information
•Identifying any gaps in project details or shortages in materials and labour and then initiating the appropriate steps to rectify
•Reviewing plans of all projects being built in the shop and asking pertinent questions that may apply to the build
•Clearly communicating and disseminating project details to the fabrication team and ensuring all team members have all required information readily available to them for successful execution
•Sharing build plans with the fabrication team so that material take offs can be conducted to determine what is needed and identifying any potential material shortages that may arise
•Developing workback schedules for all projects that identify priorities and key deliverables
•Managing budget parameters for all fabrication projects
•Managing and overseeing the fabrication team’s workflow to ensure all projects are completed efficiently, on time and within budget
•Liaising as needed with the sales team, warehouse and office to ensure all client deliverables are fulfilled
•Monitoring the supply of materials and labour throughout builds to ensure that shortages do not occur
•Supervising personnel working on the project (in the shop and onsite) and ensuring that everything is built safely and in accordance with the project plans. The personnel assigned may have a variety of skill levels, so some training and additional supervision may be necessary for those who are less experienced.
•Coordinating with the Warehouse Manager to ensure the warehouse team pull, inspect, repair and prepare any stock scenery as needed
•Coordinating with the Warehouse Manager to ensure the warehouse team prepares all scenic elements for shipping including the loading of the scenic elements onto truck(s), providing a list of all items, tools and equipment needed for the installation of the scenery
•Resolving problems when they arise
•Reporting on progress to relevant team members throughout builds
•Tracking labour and materials in real time for all builds
•Guaranteeing all safety precautions and quality standards are met

An integral component of the Scenic Construction Coordinator’s role will be to ensure the fabrication shop and departments within it are organized and running efficiently. This includes but is not limited to:
•Maintaining overall organization of the shop, including all workspaces, tools, materials and products
•Following and maintaining quality control standards and procedural guidelines by checking and signing off on all work completed by staff within the shop
•Monitoring and maintaining the inventories of materials used in the fabrication shop and communicating any shortages to the office so that material orders can be placed
•Monitoring and maintaining the inventories of expendables used onsite and communicating any shortages to the office so that material orders can be placed
•Maintaining the stock of rental scenic inventory including flats, stage jacks, strong backs, etc. and tasking team to repair them as needed
•Identifying and reporting any inefficiencies or perceived shortages in manpower, stock or equipment to improve the company’s basic operations
•Establishing and maintaining good housekeeping policies by keeping all work environments in a clean, tidy and safe condition
•Tasking staff to assist with organization and cleaning projects as required
•Proactively providing feedback and suggestions to the management team with regards to hazards in the workplace and any other health and safety concerns
•Working with the management team to enhance operation efficiencies and identify cost savings and revenue sources
•Ensure that all tools are in good working order.

The Scenic Construction Coordinator is responsible to ensure that all tools and shop equipment are in safe working condition and this includes but is not limited to:
•Maintaining all tools and shop equipment in good working condition
•Implementing and maintaining a log for tool maintenance which outlines when the tools have been checked, cleaned and, if necessary, repaired
•Should a tool need to be sent out for repair, identifying and labeling what is wrong with the tool, informing the management team of the damaged tool and coordinating with the Warehouse Manager when to send the tool out for repair

The Scenic Construction Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all departments are staffed accordingly based on the current workflow and this includes but is not limited to:
•Reviewing current and upcoming projects to identify and report any inefficiencies or perceived shortages in manpower and working with the operations team to schedule crew accordingly
•Supervising and training (as required) assigned staff which may include full-time, part-time, student and temporary employees
•Ensuring that all department and team members are working safely, efficiently and in accordance with all health and safety protocols
•Consistently leading by example, offering supportive management to all members of the team, empowering staff and helping to foster and work with co-workers in a friendly and productive work environment
•Assisting in problem solving, negotiating and addressing of staff challenges

Qualifications / Required Skills

•Minimum of ten (10) years of professional experience as a construction coordinator or foreman
•Experience in events or film industry preferred but not mandatory
•High school diploma or equivalent
•Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license with clean driving record
•Thorough knowledge of structural and mechanical construction including materials and techniques for scenic fabrication and wood working
•Proficient at building straight / curved stairs
•High functioning ability to read and interpret blueprints and other technical drawings for layout and material takeoffs and cutting lists
•Working knowledge of various computer aided drafting platforms including Vectorworks
•Familiar with jig design
•Comprehensive training / certification in the safe operation of stationary and portable power tools, hand tools and other equipment
•Strong knowledge of current health and safety standards and how to implement
•Ability to train crews and ensure crews are safe and operating in accordance with company policies, health and safety guidelines and regulations
•Excellent organizational and time management skills
•Capacity to establish priorities and work under pressure
•Flexibility and adaptability to changing workloads
•Excellent customer service skills
•Clear and concise communication skills
•Ability to liaise well with others and work within a team in a supervisory role
•Problem solving and attention to detail
•Ability to think critically and make sound decisions
•Ability to work and think independently without direct supervision
•Willingness to work additional time where necessary to complete tasks and meet deadlines

•Must be able to lift and carry seventy-five (75) pounds
•Must be able to climb and work from a ladder and personal lift
•Must have the vision and dexterity to safely operate stationary and portable power tools and hand tools

Additional Information

•Schedule is based on a 40-hour work week
•Office hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm with evenings, weekends, and overtime on job sites as necessary
•This position will primarily take place in our office/shop in Richmond however there will be requirements to work offsite at event job sites as required by our projects.

•International applicants not currently residing in BC or holding valid work permits will not be considered

Salary: Starting rate is between $35 / hour based on experience

Contact Information

Cover letters and resumes can be emailed to 

Employer Profile

Scene Ideas Inc. is a full-service scene shop located in Richmond, BC. Scenic construction is at the forefront of our expertise along with project management and technical direction for events. We have an extensive inventory of staging, aluminum wall systems and stock scenery. Our fully equipped, 12,000 square foot scene shop also fabricates custom scenic elements from wood and mill working to welding, machine work, scenic painting, and custom sculpting. We have constructed sets for theatre, rock tours, film, and television, store front displays, trade shows and conventions, and we continue to pursue diverse projects and develop our varied and expanding client list. Scene Ideas is a growing and dynamic company with many opportunities for growth and advancement. For more information, check out our website at

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