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Part-Time Event Rigger - Montreal - PSAV

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Technical
Province: Montréal, Québec
Position: Part-Time Event Rigger - Montreal
Deadline: July 31, 2019
Posted: April 25, 2019

Job Description / Duties

Position Overview
Responsible for performing rigging activities in a Hospitality or convention center environment while upholding safety and quality standards per all trade, PSAV/property guidelines and SOP’s. Reports to Lead Rigger or Rigging Coordinator.

Key Job Responsibilities

• Gather and organize all rigging tools and equipment per event needs.
• Confirm carpet protected as required by local conditions.
• Provide ground rigging support to teams building points from lifts by staging motors and equipment under rig points, handing up motor chain, tools and equipment and spotting lift movements.
• Establish hang-point, connect hoist and attachments to permanent rigging points, connect GAC Flex spanset attachments to truss, connect/run and dress motor cables, run cable picks, ensure safety of scenic elements to hang-points and proper use of all truss protection equipment, inspect all cabling tie-offs.
• Check that all truss bolts are tight and pieces of flown equipment are safetied to truss.
• Support other trades needing help raising gear through use of motor or lift, and check work for safety.
• Remain on site until all motors have been raised to trim.

• Responsible for observing and maintaining all safety concerns during an event, including escalation of any observations of personnel who are acting in an unsafe manner.
• Ensure the power phasing of motor controller is appropriate to prevent limit switches from being defeated.
• Verify all elements are securely fastened and checked for safety.
• Must secure and maintain proper lift and/or Working At Height certifications as necessary.
• Follow all manufactures recommendations and local conditions when using personnel lifts.
• Riggers must be qualified prior to making any temporary rigging points or any points outside of a protected lift of any kind.

Project Management
• Secure and review advanced rigging plan and execute through Rigging Coordinator/Lead Rigger or other leadership supervision.
• Identify possible rigging obstacles and recommend solutions to resolve issues.
• Assist other technical trades with coordination efforts to execute show plot in harmony with all floor activity.

• Provide ongoing visual inspection of all hardware in use including truss, motors, lighting, sound, projection, and personnel lifts.
• Escalate any problems with hardware and recommend solutions to resolve issues to supervisor.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Job Qualifications
• High school diploma or equivalent
• 500+ hours of onsite rigging experience
• Qualified-Basic Rigging certification
• Lift Certification
• Lift operation experience
• Ground Rigging experience
• High Rigging within the confines of a scissor lift or man lift
• Previous experience supervising a rigging team preferred

• Exceeds Customer Expectations • Analytical Thinking
• Concern for Quality • Production Awareness
• Establishing Focus • Building Teamwork

PSAV Physical Requirements

*Identifies the physical requirements that team members perform without assistance.

Team members must be able to meet the physical demands above in order to successfully perform the essential job functions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform these functions.

Additional Information

Work Environment
Work is performed in a hotel/convention center environment with moderate exposure to outdoor temperatures and to dirt, sand and/or dust. The working conditions will vary between moderately quiet to noisy volumes. Team members will use high-end equipment and electrical components, and will be exposed to heights via lifts and ladders for long periods of time. Team members may be asked to work in multiple hotel locations. Working times will include irregular hours and on-call status including days, evenings, weekends and holidays. Team members must adhere to appearance guidelines as defined by PSAV based on an individual hotel or a representation of hotels in that city or area.

Salary: $21/hour

Contact Information

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