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Job Board/Babillard d'emplois > Principle House Stage Technician - Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Principle House Stage Technician - Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Technical
Province: Edmonton, Alberta
Position: Principle House Stage Technician
Deadline: November 24, 2014
Posted: November 5, 2014

Job Description / Duties


This is a self-managed and highly skilled technical position that works in close collaboration with the Government of Alberta (GoA), and is responsible for providing overall supervision, co-ordination and safety of the on stage productions and of the on stage and back stage operations at and for the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. The position is hired by and is an employee of the Alberta Jubilee Auditoria Society (AJAS).

The position requires a self-motivated individual to exercise considerable artistic judgment, taking into account the cultural diversity of both amateur and professional clients, to communicate and co-ordinate operations with other technical departments, and to supervise IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) technicians as required on an individual production basis. This is a highly specialized professional position combining complex administrative, supervisory, technical and design functions, for the purpose of acheiving high quality theatrical / multi-purpose / community events.

The position requires a mature and complex understanding of managing relationships, responsibilities, time, and events in a manner that is best for the facility, in close collaboration with all other departments in the facility, and Jubilee stakeholders to ensure that clients are provided with affordable and exemplary service, and that audiences receive an enjoyable and enriching experience in a state-of-the-art facility.


• Work with the GoA to design, maintain, and manage the stage operations, to ensure a pleasing and entertaining experience for the people of Alberta, and visitors to the province. Work cooperatively with diverse artistic and cultural groups to provide a safe, secure facility and quality customer service.
• In close collaboration with the GoA, is responsible for technical and organisational decisions regarding the safe disposition and use of all the facility’s theatrical equipment on stage.
• Organizes Information from GoA and clients, to ensure the information gets to the appropriate people to ensure the clients have a smooth experience.
• Assists with installs, repairs, maintenance and de-bugs of stage and related equipment.
• Anticipates, identifies, and resolves show related problems, including client-related, technical and administrative, to ensure good client relations and service, and ongoing effective operations.
• For the purpose of production operations, converses with the GoA and clients, aiding in design, technical briefs, appraisals, and operations, to ensure the quality of their productions.
• Assumes role of Stage Manager when one is not present with/provided by the client.
• Works in close relation with all on-stage departments and the Front Of House Staff.
• Makes recommendations, observations to the AJAS leadership and GoA regarding ongoing maintenance required to have a first class theatre available for the people of Alberta.
• Effectively schedules himself/herself or an alternate to minimize overtime costs to the client while maintaining continuity where necessary and ensuring the appropriate personnel are on shift to meet the Clients’ schedule, while applying employment standards of Alberta law.
• In close collaboration with and taking direction from the GoA and in collaboration with other Principal House Operators as/if required, determines and assists in training up a roster of Alternate House Stage technicians to ensure the facility is always able to fill the scheduled hours in a safe manner and one which meets the facility and/or client’s needs professionally. This is a complex responsibility that strives to balance the need of the facility to maintain continuity and leadership presence from the Principal House Operator position, especially for its regular mainstay clients (such as the resident companies), while also working to designate enough hours/provide a reasonable working environment to the Alternate(s) to attract qualified technicians for the Alternate Technician work, to keep the roster active, informed, capable and available.
• This position is a front line contact and ambassador for the facility, maintaining professionalism, acting as a public relations conduit between clients and the facility, and welcoming each client as a guest in order to attain the best quality production, within the guidelines and restrictions of the facility.


• Administrative Tasks: Scheduling, record keeping, reporting. Assists in determining operational policies, decision making within budget guidelines.
• Research, Design, and Project Management: Assists in the creation of specifications for projects, and the supervision and/or execution of the projects, facilities and techniques as required.
• Public Relations: Working with representatives from AJAS and GoA as well as a variety of multi-cultural, local, national and international clients. Efficient conflict management in a high stress/time sensitive industry. Working one-on-one, in groups, face-to-face, with both amateur and professional clients.
• Working with guidelines: OH&S regulations, fire regulations and building codes, policies, contracts and expectations of management, clients, outside Unions, patrons, and public.
• Stocking and Maintenance: Assists the GoA in maintaining and anticipating the level of stage related technical supplies required by the facility. Assists GoA in the day to day maintenance of stage related technical equipment in the facility, example: repairs to all components of fly system, motorized and non-motorized.
• Safety: Co-ordination and policing the use of all production equipment and personnel. Ensures all OH&S, Fire, Fall Arrest, Employment Standards, Building and WHMIS Regulations are followed.
• Artistic Judgement: Assisting clients in designing their performance or event in an effort to realize their objectives within the limitations of the facility and client’s individual budgets.
• Staffing: Ensure all staffing in the department is accomplished by qualified personnel. Under the policy of the GoA, is responsible for assessment of qualifications of Stage/Carpentry/ Fly/Rigging Crews. Directs and supervises IATSE stage crew.
• Ongoing personal research and training of trends and equipment upgrades, in all areas of theatre.
• Design, Operate, Maintain, a fully functioning fly system and stage related equipment.
• Assist with the implementation of Student Education Programs.

Qualifications / Required Skills


• Knowledge of all aspects of the theatre, including audio, lighting, video, staging and rigging.
• Detailed knowledge of Stage Carpentry, Stage Rigging, Flying, Lighting, Audio, Costuming, Props, Stage Management.
• Leadership, and/or steward experience would be a desired asset.
• Familiarity with all types of presentations including: Opera, Ballet, Music, Theatre, all kinds of classical, popular and Specialty Music Acts, variety ethnic and community events.
• Knowledge and appreciation of the arts including music, opera, ballet and theatre and knowledge of cultural and ethnic differences and customs.
• Recommended guidelines for Stage Rigging and Stage Machinery Specifications and Practises.
• Knowledge and skill in using computers, scanners, digital cameras, printers, and related software such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer, Windows XP, ConCentRICs, and AutoCAD.
• Communications and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to function under and cope well with stress.
• Extensive knowledge in using and maintaining all Stage equipment including but not limited to fly systems, rigging systems, chain motors and winches, risers, and all other stage equipment owned by the facility.
• Ability to:

  • lift and work with weight in excess of 40 pounds. 
  • work from various lifts at heights up to forty feet. 
  • read and work from a rigging or hang plot and associated paper work. 

• Fall Protection/Arrest standards and practices including - Fall Protection Certification
• First Responder First Aid (Standard)
• Aerial Scissor Lift Certification
• Forklift Certification


The Principal House Operator is responsible for scheduling and for staffing his/her as related to the facility and client needs. When the Principal House Operator is not able or chooses not to work a show, he/she is responsible to find a qualified replacement (alternate). The scheduling needs to be accomplished in a manner that answers responsibly to several key stakeholders including The Society, GoA, the client, and IATSE.

When providing client services, the employee works without supervision and is responsible for making all technical and operational decisions, and is entirely responsible for the consequences of those decisions. Recommendations are made to the Society and GoA regarding equipment acquisition, repairs and maintenance, standard operating procedures and system configuration, and generally all matters affecting the department as a whole.

This position also requires input into decision making on matters of policy, standards, and issues not directly associated with providing client services on individual productions; also, loss or major damage to facilities or equipment, accidents involving appreciable physical injury to personnel and unsolvable problems with clients, crew or other personnel.

The successful candidate shall be willing to work flexible hours based on the event schedules, and needs of the facility.

Additional Information

Salary: Compensation: The wage and other terms and conditions as per Collective Agreement between Alberta Jubilee Auditoria Society and IATSE 210, 2012-2015.

Contact Information

Brett Fraser, Executive Director
Alberta Jubilee Auditoria Society
11455-87 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2T2

Employer Profile


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