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The Nominations Committee is seeking nominations from the membership for the election of four (4) board directors for a 2-year term starting in August 2024.

We are on the lookout for individuals with new perspectives and diverse voices to join our board as CITT/ICTS charts its course in the post-pandemic era. This is a unique opportunity for you to become an integral part of an organization dedicated to enhancing the Canadian live performance community.

If you are passionate about driving change in our industry, fostering growth in representation, and amplifying voices to propel us into the future, we invite you to consider nominating yourself to serve on the board of CITT/ICTS. Your viewpoint, ideas and experience are important to CITT/ICTS. Previous board experience is not a pre-requisite, however your CITT/ICTS membership must be in good-standing.

To learn more about the organization and our current board of directors, please visit:


The Nominations Committee is seeking nominations from the membership for the election of four (4) board directors for a 2-year term starting in August 2024.

There have been some changes that have necessitated a restructuring of the National Board and the board is now comprised of the following :

  • Interim President: Russell Martin
  • Interim Vice President: Autumn Coppaway
  • Secretary: Andrea Lundy
  • Interim Treasurer: Josh McIntosh
  • Director at Large: Crystal Lee
  • Director at Large: Debbie Richardson

These appointments will remain in effect until the AGM in August 2024. To learn more about the board please click here.

CITT/ICTS Members in good-standing who are interested in seeking election may be nominated by themselves or by another member or other members in good-standing. Please see the candidate qualifications below.

Nominations may be sent to the Nominations Committee via our Nomination Form below, no later than April 26, 2024.

The Ballot

For any single vacancy, if there is not more than one nomination for that position, no ballot shall be required, and the person nominated shall be subject to approval of a vote representing at least two-thirds of the Board of Directors. The election ballot, if applicable, will be sent electronically by May 19, 2024 and must be received at the National Office no later than June 18, 2024.

The Results

The announcement of the election results will be made during the 2024 Annual General Meeting, which will be held Mid-August 2024. More details will be forthcoming regarding this AGM. Take note that the Board of directors meets a minimum of 4 times a year, on Zoom and in person, including during the August Rendez-vous annual conference.

Election Timeline summary

  • August 26 - Deadline for submission of additional nominations by the membership
  • May 19 - Deadline to send out the ballots, if election
  • June 18 - Deadline to receive ballot (if applicable)
  • Mid-August - Announcement of results at the 2024 AGM

Thank you,
Russell Martin, CITT/ICTS Interim President and Chair of the Nominations Committee

 Candidate Qualifications

Nominees for all Board positions, Officers and Director at Large, shall be:

  • an Individual, Student, Professional or Retired members of CITT/ICTS or
  • an individual who as been designated as the voting representative of an Organizational, Sustaining or Contributing member
  • for at least one (1) year as of January 1st of the year of their nomination.

A director must meet all of the following qualifications (refer to subsection 126(1) of the NFP Act):

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old,
  • Not be incapable,
  • Be an individual (that is, a corporation cannot be a director),
  • Not have the status of a bankrupt.

CITT/ICTS legal documentation

 Nomination Form

If there are more than one candidate for a position, ballots will be sent out to the membership no later than May 19, 2024, and an election will take place. Election results will be announced during the CITT/ICTS Annual General Meeting in August 2024.

Thank you for your interest in the organization. The Nomination Committee will be in touch soon.

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