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Green Pavilion on sustainable practices at Rendez-vous 2010
by CITT / ICTS, July 24, 2010
To all members

I am passing this message below from James McKernan of York University, please pass it along to fellow colleagues as well. Thanks everyone...



This year as part of the CITT annual conference there will be a Green Pavilion. My name is James McKernan and I am one of the people organizing this pavilion and I am seeking out products / services to showcase in our multimedia display of sustainable practices. I am asking all suppliers and manufacturers to send me a little information on their products that are sustainable so I can promote them better.

The following is the criteria that the Canadian Government uses to grade the sustainability of products for their suppliers:

Business Practices:
1. Evidence of an Environmental Management System (EMS) (e.g., ISO 14001)
2. Have an Environmental Policy in place
3. Demonstrate commitment to voluntary environmental initiatives or community-based environmental projects
4. Member of national industry organization pursuing environmental stewardship including reuse & recycle (specify name/organization)
Electrical & electronic products:
5. Offer ENERGY STAR equipment
6. Offer products that are Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certified - Silver Level
7. Offer products that are Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) certified - Gold Level
8. Offer products that meet WEEE specifications
9. Offer products that are RoHS certified
10. Equipment is equipped with sleep/power-down mode
Other products:
11. Incorporate a substantial percentage of recycled or recyclable material
12. Manufacturer uses recyclable packaging
13. Manufacturer uses reusable packaging
15. Offer take-back programs for products
15. Manufacturer offers recycling of systems/components

If you would like to be showcased in our pavilion, can you please send me less than one page of information outlining the products that you would like us to showcase in our presentation.

Please use at least two of the criteria above to describe the sustainable qualities of your products. Please avoid ‘green washing’ of your products/services.

Each product will require a high res image as well as a high res logo for the company that is supplying the information. At least 1920 x 1080 and either JPEG or TIFF

Please send all responses to James McKernan at