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Green Font
by Ross Nichol, July 5, 2010
A year ago I posted about Ecofont that could save you 25% on printer ink. Well they are expanding their line by including many more fonts. And now it's easier to use as they tie directly into Word. No pricing yet but if you get on their mail list now you can save 10% on it when available.

1 ) You select the Eco variant(s) or your desired font(s) and the number of computers on which it has been installed. You can choose not only familiar fonts, such as Arial, Verdana, Calibri, etc., but also an Eco variant of your own house-style font (Enterprise Edition). You are not tied to a single font.

2 ) You install Ecofont with a couple of mouse clicks, after which an additional button appears in the Microsoft Word menu bar with the Ecofont logo leaf.

3 ) You type in the easily legible screen font and, as soon as you click on the Ecofont print button, you print out in this font, but with little holes. The saving is a fact – with no detrimental effect on legibility or layout.

4 ) In order to optimise the legibility of the printed text, we have set an Ecoprint range. Only text up to a particular point size – generally 11 points - is printed in the Ecofont font. Larger text is printed in the normal font.