Stratford Festival (Simon Marsden)

Stratford Festival

Simon Marsden
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Regional Affiliation or Section: Ontario Section
Disciplines: Lighting; Architecture; Education; Video; Wardrobe; Management; Props; Special Effects; On Deck; Automation; Imagery; Rigging; Design; Sound; Health and Safety

Simon works at the Stratford Festival as their Director of Production. In that capacity, he oversees the production department that comprises the behind the scenes support for the shows. The department grows to approximately 400 production staff each year who design and create the costumes, wigs, scenery, props, lighting, sound and video elements for the season. The crews run over 650 performances in the Festival, Avon and Studio theatres between April and November each year. He leads a management team to plan, manage and control a $20 million budget representing a 1/3 of the Festival’s annual expenditure.

He has worked for the Festival in various capacities since 1995. On two occasions, he left Stratford to work in theatres in Toronto, China and England. Four years ago, he returned from Stratford upon Avon where he was working for the Royal Shakespeare Company in a similar capacity.