How to build a better Team with Cheryl Batulis

August 11, 2021, 2:00 - 3:00 PM


How to build a better Team

We are on many "teams" throughout our work day. Often we find ourselves getting stuck making decisions within a group setting. Understanding the main barriers to performing within a team helps move the team forward.
Moderator: Scott Martin, CITT/ICTS Secretary
Level: General (for all)
Discipline: Human Resources.

Session's outcomes:

Understanding barriers to team success.

Presenter: Cheryl Batulis

Cheryl Batulis has worked in the Live Performance industry for 30 years. Bolstering her Labour Relations experience she headed back to Ryerson to expand her knowledge and people skills. Earning a BFA and then her Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation she provides progressive and strategic HR business practices and coaching, central to the principle of supporting human capital, with programs dedicated to the whole person.

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