Safety by design: Why is "Hell week" still a thing? with Don Parman

August 11, 2021, 12:00 - 1:30 PM


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Safety by design: Why is "Hell week" still a thing?

With science and safety data clearly telling us our production week-practices are hurting people, why are we still doing it?
This discussion will feature success stories, identify road blocks to change and lastly allow us to brain storm possible solutions to breaking the log jam of "We've always done it this way".
Moderator: Paul Del Motte, CITT/ICTS Vice-President
Level: Intermediate
Discipline: Education; Health & Safety; Management.

Session's outcomes:

Have a well planned discussion with their organizations as to how they will help eliminate the Hell Week.

Presenter: Don Parman, Manager Performing Arts & Live Events, Actsafe Safety Association

Don's twenty five-year career has taken him from student, to crew, to supervisor and manager. Along the way he has worked with some amazing organizations, The Massey Theatre, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Royal City Musical Theatre, The Canadian Institute for Theatre Technologies to name just a few.
Don now brings all that experience and love for live performance to Actsafe Safety Association. From ladder safety to air quality Don has experienced it first hand and can help you navigate the world of Performing arts safety.