Entertainment Networking's Four-Letter Words — and What They Can Do for You with Pathway Connectivity

August 10, 2021, 2:00 - 3:00 PM


Entertainment Networking's Four-Letter Words — and What They Can Do for You

Entertainment networks need to handle more equipment and data than ever before. Discover how standard IEEE Ethernet protocols can be leveraged by the entertainment industry. This session will cover the so-called "The Four-Letter Words of Networking," including DHCP, IGMP, RSTP, EAPS, VLAN, LLDP and a few other standards like QoS and Dante — and how to use them to your benefit when building a network with managed switches.
The presentation will conclude with an overview on networking security, describing some of the new cyber-security laws and how these will affect how you manage your networks in the years to come.
Moderator: Paul Del Motte, CITT/ICTS Vice-President
Level: Introduction
Disciplines: Lighting; Entertainment Ethernet Networks.

Session's objectives:

  • Understand why, how and when to use ethernet switches in an entertainment network.
  • Understand how managed ethernet switches and IEEE standards are best implemented in entertainment networks, keeping them running safely and smoothly.


Robert Bell
Robert Bell is Director, Product Market at Acuity Brands and oversees the development the entire Pathway Connectivity product line including the VIA entertainment class Ethernet switches. Previously he has worked as a product manager for Strand and as brand ambassador for Vari*Lite. He’s well know for his involvement with WYSIWYG and as an author.

Kerstin O'Leary
Kerstin O'Leary is a Director of Sales for Pathway Connectivity, joining the team in April 2020. Prior to this role, she spent a number of years at LEE Filters, most recently in the role of General Manager. Earlier in her career, Kerstin was a Product Manager and Product Specialist for lighting control systems at Colotran and Strand Lighting. Kerstin is a graduate of the UCLA Theater Arts Department.