SK Theatre Design Festival

April 30 - May 9, 2021

The SK Theatre Design Festival was created by an ad hoc group of Saskatchewan theatre designers working in the areas of sound, lighting, costume, sets, projections, and props.

The SK Theatre Design Festival group is dedicated to holding a design festival that provides opportunities for emerging and established theatre designers to explore the environment of stories on stage.

Festival Goals:

  • to provide an opportunity for theatre design artists to create a design and share it with the public

  • to provide an opportunity for audiences to have a cathartic theatre experience through a live theatre presentation

  • to provide opportunities for theatre designers and the public to talk and learn about theatre design

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⇒ Set, Costume, and Prop Design Challenges
On view at the Brainsport Lobby and Persephone Theatre April 30 - May 9Read More

When: April 30 - May 9, 2021

CITT/ICTS is proud to sponsor the session Creating with Isadora: The Real-time Manipulation of Digital Video and Projections - Skill Development Session with Nick BottomleyRegister