Information Session with ASSURART - Are COVID-19 related risks insurable?

2:00 PM, April 28, 2021


The confinement period and physical distancing rules resulting from COVID-19 have had a significant impact on the performing arts. It has also given rise to the development of alternative means of content distribution, allowing certain companies and promoters to increase their audience.
These new forms of distribution are likely to remain an important asset in the entertainment industry, even after the pandemic. However, these new means of diffusion, as well as the pandemic itself, bring significant new challenges and risks, some insurable, others not. To learn more, come and meet the specialized team of ASSURART brokers.

English session : Wednesday April 28, 2021 (pour la séance en français cliquer ici)
Hour : 2 p.m. EDT
Duration : approximatively 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A period.
Where : on Zoom

This is a FREE event. Please note that there are limited spaces available for this conference and they will be filled on a first come - first served basis. Make sure that you connect to the meeting on time!

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About the presenters

Colette Mendenhall, MBA
As president, Colette Mendenhall contributes to the smooth running of the company and its growth by identifying promising niche markets, developing an offer aimed at them and ensuring its marketing. Before becoming the principal shareholder at Assurart, she worked for one of the major brokerage firms in Quebec as its vice president, involved in strategic planning and marketing. She brings some 20 years of experience to the group. Colette holds an MBA from Cornell University (USA) and Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario). She also has a BA from the University of Ottawa in political science and economics. In addition, she completed a certificate in marketing from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec). She holds the title of Damage Insurance Broker, and Advisor in group-insurance plans.

Stella Kalogerakis, Shareholder
Damage Insurance Broker
Stella Kalogerakis is an accomplished businesswoman who achieved her first successes as a restaurant owner, following her studies in administration. She then turned to insurance and quickly specialized in risks related to media, art, and performing arts. Stella is capable of meeting all of the very specific liability, errors and omissions and property insurance needs of clients who revolve around the Entertainment, arts and culture industries. Over the years, she has helped may clients in different fields : event organization, production offices, festivals, one-off events, exhibits and fairs, film shoots, cast and crew, post-production, equipment rental, media and distribution, etc.

David Mollet
Damage Insurance Broker
David has worked in different areas revolving around arts and media before becoming a damage insurance broker. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University, he managed and produced projects for the entertainment industry, recorded an album as a songwriter and worked in television as a director. An entrepreneur at heart, he found that there was much to be developed when it came to insurance in the world of arts and entertainment. He has completed an insurance diploma and joined the ASSURART team in 2016. His knowledge and his experience as a professional in film circles, entertainment and music allows him to understand the needs of his customers, in addition to sharing in their passion.
David is the proud winner of Prix Marcel-Tassé 2016, given by the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages.

About Assurart

ASSURART Inc. is a financial services firm licensed in most of the Canadian provinces. Over the years, we have developed the art of insuring businesses and professionals who work in the following sectors: Information technology, environment and life sciences, investment capital, social economy, art, entertainment, and culture.

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