Mind the Gap: Models of Mentorship in Management with Janelle Rainville - PMArts + TDArts

August 18, 2020, 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Panel Discussion - Mind the Gap: Models of Mentorship in Management with Janelle Rainville - PMArts + TDArts

Universities, Colleges, and Conservatory programs ready students to begin their professional careers. The industry is looking to hire people who have the level of competency and experience they require to do the job. There is often a gap between leaving post-secondary institutions and working professionally, particularly as a Production Manager or Technical Director. How are we continuing to train our fledgling PMs and TDs? What opportunities are there for emerging workers who have studied management, and now need industry experience and mentorship to be ready to assume these roles themselves? How can mentorship, internships, and apprenticeships help create a better path from learning to working? Join our panellists to discuss what some companies are doing to bridge the gap.
Presenter: Janelle Rainville - PMArts + TDArts / Panelists: Andrea Surich, Kevin Tanner, Paul Fujimoto-Pihl, Phil Akin


Janelle Rainville - She is currently the Production Manager/Theatre Manager for the University of Waterloo Theatre and Performance program, where she also teaches courses in stage management and managing the arts. In her “spare” time, Janelle has taught dance stage management at Ryerson School of Performance and York University as well as stage management workshops for community theatres. Janelle joined S.M.Arts in 2006 as Co-Director to Founder, Winston Morgan. In 2008 they started a sister organization called P.M.Arts, which Janelle administrated with Peter Fleming. In 2010 she took over the role of Director of S.M.Arts when Winston stepped down. The organization has continued to grow and is now a not-for-profit organization with 4 – 5 projects occurring each year.

Andrea Surich - currently the General Manager of Watermark Theatre, PEI. Was the Production Manager at Grand Theatre (London) for over 15 years.

Kevin Tanner - Managing Director, Production at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Kevin is a production and venue management leader, with the bulk of his experience in public sector and post-secondary education venues.

Paul Fujimoto-Pihl - Project Manager, Grand Theatre (London, ON). He has served as Technical Director at the Blyth Festival, Tarragon Theatre, and the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario and is currently the director of TDArts.

Phil Akin - actor, director who has worked in the theatre community for over 40 years. Was one of the founding members of Obsidian Theatre (Toronto) and was their Artistic Director from 2006 - 2020.

Language: English
Discipline: Education; Human Resources; Management
Level: Intermediate
Date, Time & Duration: Tuesday August 18, 2020 - 12 p.m. - 90 min