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David Cohen
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My road to logistics started at the age of 18 when I worked for a national truck company while attending college. After college and traveling to Australia and Southeast Asia, I landed employment with a medium-sized courier company working in Sales and Operations. The company's main clientele was the motion picture industry that demanded service which the senior management instilled throughout the organization. We lived by the motto that "we'll do just about anything for the client, provided they pay our bill."

It was here that I concentrated my sales and operations efforts on the events and entertainment sectors that demand the highest level of service to ship their road cases, sets/scenery, staging, lighting, and wardrobes around the globe. The events industry does not allow for late deliveries as the “show must always go on!”. I committed myself to becoming a specialist in the Events industry by providing solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges; hours/weekend operations, requiring trucks with power lift gates or ramps, using Carnets for customs clearances, dedicated tour trucking, specialized equipment, onsite attendance to oversee the load in or out of a show and build up airline pallets to exact specifications to ensure the equipment doesn’t get damaged.

Each shipment/tour requires time to map out the logistics to find the best option or solution to ensure the show arrives on time taking into account potential scenarios to avoid delays. The standard pick up and delivery during regular business hours doesn’t apply here!

The Covid-19 crisis posed unexpected disruptions to the global events industry where I was tasked with rescuing seven shows that were on tour in North America and Europe. In some instances, we were able to use dedicated trucks to the nearest airports in Europe, that were still operating to fly the items back to Canada. Other shows were trucked to ocean ports and sent back via ocean freight.

Other moves included clearing tours trucks stuck at the border in the middle of the night, trucking a show from Montreal to Toronto to catch a flight to London, and trucking to Glasgow to make the next show, all within 72 hours, to moving Big Top shows in 70+ trucks (flat deck/steps decks) in five days across the country with specific pick up and delivery requirements.

I’m passionate about what I do, you can call me in the middle of the night and I’ll answer, I am not the cheapest, as that denotes poor quality. However, I offer an exceptional service and value priced accordingly for my expertise and services.

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