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BlackTrax Product Specialist - CAST Software

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Technical
Province: Toronto, Ontario
Position: BlackTrax Product Specialist
Deadline: February 5, 2016
Posted: January 15, 2016

Job Description / Duties

You’ll be part of a small team working on the deployment of our multi award winning BlackTrax system, that is already changing the entertainment Industry and the way productions work. BlackTrax does it by delivering real-time 6D tracking solutions that allows for unleashed creativity while making productions more efficient and cost effective.

You will also work alongside the multi award winning - first 3D lighting previsualization software (WYSIWYG) ever developed and that is the leader in its niche market today.

You sure have "seen" our products working invisibly in productions like Dancing with Stars, U2, Muse, Armin Van Buuren, Disney shows, Eurovision Song contest, Super Bowl halftime shows, Game of Thrones to name but a few of the projects.

The BlackTrax Product Specialist is a position of many hats, from a traveling technician, to software tester, to tech support, and overseer of all things BlackTrax on shows. You will have the opportunity to travel the world, while working on large and small scale productions. You will be responsible for looking after the installation, system design, training, and ultimately execution of the BlackTrax system on various projects. This isn’t normally a position where you run the shows, rather where you train and inform either a permanent or touring crew on how to operate, maintain, and install the system on a daily basis - and then you help make sure they are successful.

While in the office and not traveling, you will help with testing and verifying the software, finding and reporting bugs, and assisting in tech support for our existing installations. As we are a small team, don’t be surprised to be asked to help out in other areas; a strong team of dedicated and team-minded individuals is vital here and it’s how CAST has become successful today.

Qualifications / Required Skills

• Minimum of 3-5 years of field experience installing, operating, or maintaining either touring productions or permanent installations
• Be willing and able to travel, including (but not limited) to the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, South America and more
• You will be able to work evenings and weekends (and sometimes in completely different time zones)
• You will be working in several different areas of the live entertainment industry, as well as working with different production companies and people; you are able to communicate clearly to the production team, as well as the technicians you will be working with
• You have good people skills and are able to teach and train other technicians on how to use the system
• You have the confidence and knowledge needed to create camera designs, and advise customers on the best way to use the system (don’t worry, you will be trained first)
• You are able to perform technical support for our customers, often in fast paced environments, and are able to understand their issue and guide them through possible solutions
• Working with a team that between everyone, someone is available 24/7 for technical support when not traveling
• You are able to work under stress and remain level headed in difficult situations
• You want to be part of changing an industry for the better and know that you have contributed to this

Additional Information

Nice to have or need to have

• You have a basic understanding of several different departments and how they work and more importantly how they interface together (lighting, audio, video, etc)
• You have a solid understanding of networking heavy applications that handles multiple NICs for several inputs and outputs to third party clients
• You have a valid driver’s license for rental cars while traveling
• You hold a valid passport
• Bonus marks for being familiar with: Lighting/audio consoles, media servers, WYSIWYG, AutoCAD, or Vectorworks experience or having some lighting design experience
• Even better, you are familiar with 2.4 GHz wireless communication and/or RF communication in general, cameras/lensing/optic based systems, and software development and QA testing as when you are not traveling you will be part of the team that helps test and verify our software
Here are the key soft skills we’re looking for:
• You’ll need to play well with others as one of an extremely dedicated team -- a small but solid group -- that will push you to grow
• Experience/confidence to take charge (in a mentorship way) of all BlackTrax related elements of a show
• Be an inspiration for innovation and share this with us all
• Continue to maintain strong expertise and knowledge of current and emerging entertainment technologies


CAST is located at 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1 on the southwest side of Toronto, ON (tel: 416.597.2278). You can drive, or take TTC (Queen street car to South Kingsway and walk a block, or the subway to Runnymede and a short bus ride), or bike it in the summer.

This position involves a lot of traveling, so please be prepared for periods of long hours away from home (that you are compensated for), foreign countries where English may not be the first language, and you may be required to apply for additional visas (paid for by CAST).

Contact Information


Please email questions and resume to  
We will reply to you if you have been shortlisted.

Employer Profile

At CAST, we’re about big brains not big egos! We have been in business for over 21 years, delivering our products all over the world. Today, we deliver the design and previsualization software tools of choice, globally, for the full spectrum of professionals in the Stage, Lighting Design and Entertainment production industry. We are driven by innovation, passion, creativity, technology and love to see the result of our work on TV, films, theater, concerts and many other places.

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