On-Site Drapery Cleaners (Brad Davies)

On-Site Drapery Cleaners

Brad Davies
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Section ou affiliation régionale: Section de l'Ontario
Disciplines: Éducation; Gréage; Santé et sécurité

The Same Day Curtain Cleaning and Flameproofing Experts.
You can trust the experts at On-Site, we are the drapery specialists. On-Site has been cleaning and applying flame retardant to draperies for over 36 years.
We have carefully built our reputation in the industry and are now the leading provider of Stage Drapery Cleaning and Flame Retardant Testing & Re-Certification in Ontario. Our customers are the who’s who of theatre stages in Ontario, and we have successfully completed the cleaning and flame retardant application for hundreds of stages. We have encountered a wide variety of fabric types and difficult situations with draperies, and always managed to deliver superior results.

Proprietary Cleaning Process:
Back in 1978, we developed a non-immersion method of cleaning drapes, which is the Board’s stated preferred method of cleaning for good reason, our gentle process guarantees outstanding cleaning results without the risk of fabric damage. On-Site uses our proprietary DrapeGlo powder which is tumbled into the drapes in our custom-built drapery cleaning machines, we then use forced-air extraction to remove the DrapeGlo powder, which has bound with the dust and contaminants. As a result, only On-Site Drapery Cleaners will guarantee there will be No Shrinkage and No Fabric Distortion.
The On-Site Drapery Cleaning process effectively removes the dirt, dust and contaminants, which naturally attach and adhere to the fibers. The drapes are tumbled with our proprietary DrapeGlo™ Powder to ensure the entire drape, including the pleats and folds are left clean and free of contaminants, which have embedded themselves into the fibres. This tumbled- forced air system is the key to delivering outstanding cleaning results. No other company offers this technology.