Expanding the Art of Sound in Live Theatre

Août 11, 2022, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

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Expanding the Art of Sound in Live Theatre

Educational Session

When live performance crews first began deploying electronic amplification systems to cover larger audience spaces, the early technology compromised the sonic experience by having to reduce the number of locations where the audience perceived the sound as originating from. Radio, movies, and television suffered from this same limitation. One loudspeaker, one point source. Very unnatural. This of course is a contrast to what we humans experience in everyday life with sound coming to our ears from all directions, and our brains ability to provide perception cues about the location of each sound source around us.

As technology has improved and costs have come down, it is now possible to do complex manipulation and control of sound to not only better reproduce the sonic experience of the world outside, but also to extend the available sound palette in the theatre to allow for expanding the art of sound. One tool that is now available is Spacemap Go, the latest version of a programming multi-channel panner that is supported on the Meyer Sound GALAXY signal processor. This allows control from an iPad of dynamic moving effects.

Join Meyer Sound's Digital Products Solutions Architect, Richard Bugg, for this informative session on the evolution of surround sound in live theatre, where we are at with it today, and what Richard believes the future might hold for artistic sound engineers and the art of sound in theatre.

After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to feel inspired to implement a simple or complex surround sound setup in your next theatrical performance!

Date, Time & Location: Thursday August 11, 2022 | 16:00 - 17:30 MDT | MECC - Bianca Room + Via Zoom
Full Conference Pass Virtual-Only: YES (link will be sent to registrants via email)
Duration: 90 mins
Level: General (for all)
Discipline: Sound.

Presenters: Richard Bugg, Meyer Sound

Richard Bugg is the Digital Products Solutions Architect for Meyer Sound. He is responsible for developing solutions to meet demanding artistic requirements for Meyer Sound customers. For the past two decades Richard has been working with Digital Audio Show Control and immersive sound design for live performance. His formal training was in music instrumental performance and composition. His previous experiences include touring sound mixer, technical writer, and Digital Products Tech Support Manager. His current work for Meyer Sound is focused on the user interface implementation for digital audio networking.