SummerWorks Performance Festival 2023

Août 3 - 13, 2023


The 2023 SummerWorks Performance Festival will feature an eclectic mix of programming in a multitude of formats, including theatre, dance, and sound/music performances, sensorial experiences, site-responsive activations, and community gatherings.

The Festival is presented in both the East and West ends of Toronto at The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance, Aki Studio at Daniels Spectrum, and The Theatre Centre from August 3 – August 13, 2023.

“Curated by, and in conversation with our six Guest Curators, the 2023 Festival asks crucial questions about our relationship to our senses, and heightens our embodied awareness of the world around us. It’s a diverse mix of innovative and sensorial performance experiences combined with unique and thought-provoking creative exchanges.

There is so much rich potential in the moment of meeting; between two people and between artist and audience. There’s a sensation that’s palpable; there’s a spark that ignites when we share space in intimacy and in proximity with one another. There’s an endless array of possibilities…”

-Michael Caldwell, Artistic Director, SummerWorks

Unique to this year, the Festival is collaboratively-curated by six Guest Curators: Sue Balint, Ralph Escamillan, Aria Evans, Jivesh Parasram, ted witzel, and Alison Wong. Learn more about what inspired this year’s Festival programming by reading this collection of curatorial statements from the 2023 Guest Curators.

This year’s Festival features a wide range of artistic programming that invites audiences to gather together to create new connections with one another, and experience the palpable joys of intimacy, ephemerality, and community.

Tickets go on sale July 19th. 

Discover the 2023 Festival!