Manitoba Showcase 2021

Octobre 25 - 30, 2021

En anglais seulement. Merci.

Stay tuned for updates on artists, workshops, special events and more for this year's Manitoba Showcase Conference.

Manitoba Showcase is an annual visual & performing arts conference that features some of the best Canadian artists, from a wide range of genres, for Manitoban presenters and galleries, connecting them with future opportunities and collaboration. The preeminent event of its kind in Manitoba, Showcase engages over 150 artists, presenters, agents, managers, and industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and develop and rekindle relationships.

This year Manitoba Showcase 2021 will be completely online on October 25th-30th. Participants will discover innovative ideas, opportunities for leadership development, and skill-building workshops, along with networking events and one-on-one business meetings between artists/agents and presenters/buyers.

15 performing artists, 4 Indigenous emerging artists, 4 Black emerging artists, and 4 emerging artists will be selected by jury to pre-record their virtual Showcase to be uploaded to an online platform, The Delegates will watch the showcase videos over a 1-2 week period prior to our online conference, giving them the chance to preview and virtually meet artists they may want to bring to their community for the next touring season.

The Pitch creates a marketplace for the Performing Arts and full-featured digital showcasing service that connects artists and arts presenters/buyers. The Pitch will provide a customized Manitoba Showcase space where delegates can view artist showcases, indicate their interest and have private conversations in a delegate-only space. 

We will be offering a virtual Contact Room and you can get to know the Exhibitors in advance. 

Registration Options - Choose how you want to participate:

  • Option 1: Member Delegate - Conference Pass (includes 9 Professional Development Sessions) | $60
  • Option 1: Non-Members - Conference Pass (includes 9 Professional Development Sessions) | $75
  • Option 2: Conference Pass & Access to Showcase Videos | $100
  • Option 3: Additional Delegates from Same Organization Conference Pass | $30
  • Option 4: Attend a single Professional Development Session | $20
  • Option 5: Showcasing Artist/Agent | $300