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What's New > Call for Equipment Support & Projects Collaboration to Restore Theatres in Santiago de Cuba after the Disaster of Sandy Hurricane

Call for Equipment Support & Projects Collaboration to Restore Theatres in Santiago de Cuba after the Disaster of Sandy Hurricane

posted on 2:37 PM, June 4, 2013

An appeal from Jose Antonio Prades Hung, OISTAT Member - This initiative is supported by CITT and a special session will be presented at Brown Bag Luncheon on Sunday August 18 at the CITT Rendez-vous in Calgary, read more here.

Santiago de Cuba City, June 3, 2013

Dear CITT members:

On behalf of the Cuban community of theatre technicians and artists I would like to appeal to our friends and colleagues around the world for real technological help to rebuild the theatrical life of the city of Santiago de Cuba.

On October 25th, 2012 the disaster of Hurricane SANDY struck Cuba with a dark symphony of noise and destructive wind, mainly in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

The beauty of the city and the creative life and smiles of the citizens were broken for some days, but after that people started to work hard to rescue what they could, and began to rebuild.

Along with many other cultural institutions, the most historical and important theatres in Santiago; the Heredia Convention Centre, the Marti Theatre, and the Childrens’ Theatre, suffered serious damage. Roofs and ceilings were destroyed, interiors were damaged, and much equipment was lost due to exposure to the heavy rains. Sound equipment, lighting equipment, intercom systems, scenery, seating, and many other things were completely ruined. 

Because of this, I am asking for any help you can offer in organizing some technical support for these theatres. At the end of this letter you will see the detailed list of the needs of the Marti Theatre, as well as some information about the Teatro Heredia. Cultural authorities such as the Provincial Committee of UNEAC (Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba, the largest non-governmental cultural organization in Cuba) are coordinating with Cubana de Aviacion airline to arrange for any donated equipment to be transported to Santiago. The plan is to collect all donations in Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Milan, and Madrid, and then to send them to Santiago via Air Cubana.

If you can possibly donate any of the equipment from the list at the end of this letter (or downloaded from here), please contact:

Professor John Mayberry
(OISTAT Tech. Comm. Vice-Chair)
York University, Department of Theatre
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, ON Canada M3J 1P3

I am the contact person and theatre engineer in Santiago, the President of ACITAE, and an OISTAT Individual Member.

My complete address is:

Jose Antonio Prades Hung
ACITAE UNEAC/ Comite Provincial UNEAC
Heredia 266,
Santiago de Cuba

Cultural Exchange Project

I am hoping to host a project, or projects, where theatre students from universities and professional technicians from the industry will be able to volunteer to come to Santiago to help our Cuban theatre technicians and engineers install donated technical equipment. As well as being able to help our community, participants will have a wonderful opportunity for a cultural exchange, in which they will be able to experience the real Cuba and its rich cultural life.

I ask all of you to spread this call to any institutions, foundations, universities, private companies, or individuals involved in theatre, culture, or international initiatives. My hope is that through a number of determined, creative actions we can harness true power to provide real, positive, and transformational help to a theatrical community in need.

With kind regards, 

José Antonio Prades Hung.
OISTAT Individual Member


Ing. José Antonio Prades Hung, MS
Film Photo Reporter- Sound Engineer
acitae uneac/Comite Provincial UNEAC
Heredia 266, Santiago de Cuba, CUBA

Organisation Internationale des Scénographes, Techniciens et Architectes de Théâtre
International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians


Details of Equipment Donation 

Teatro Marti
Santiago de Cuba city, Cuba. Renovated in 2010.
Capacity: 615 seats (358 seats hall, 257 seats balcony)
Width:  13 000 mm ; Length: 16 000 mm ; Height: 10 000 mm
12 000 x 10 000 mm
Equipment Needed
1)    Lighting console with 24 channels –  2 units.
2)    Dimmer control system with 24 channels, 2 x 2.5 KWatts per channel – 2 units
3)    Accessories – cable and connectors
4)    Fresnel projectors, 1 KWatt, 220 Volts – 48 units.
5)    PC Plane Convex projectors, 1 KWatt, 220 Volts – 48 units.
6)    Lap top computers with software for lighting control and interface (or PC tower with LCD display).
7)    Color gels.
1)    Sound mixing console 24 channels – 2 units
2)    Loudspeakers (low range of work frequency) 1000 watts with amplifier – 3 units ( right, central, left tower)
3)    Loudspeakers (middle range  of work frequency) 1000 watts with amplifier – 3 units ( right, central, left tower)
4)    Loud speakers ( high range of work frequency )500 watts with amplifier – 3 units ( right, central, left tower)
5)    Stage Reference loudspeakers 500 watts with amplifier –12 units
6)    Cable and connectors.
7)    Lap top computers for work and recording (or PC tower with LCD display). – 2 units.
1)    Curtain 14 x 5 meters – 3 units
       Red – 1; Black – 1; Backstage – 1
       And all accessories necessary to hang them
2)    Bars for stage –18 bars (16 000 mm each)
       Accessories and safe rigging engine for bar moving.
Intercom system
  • The Marti Theatre suffered much damage from hurricane SANDY.
  • The lighting booth was destroyed and all equipment ruined by water.
  • The sound booth was destroyed and the sound-mixing console ruined.
  • The house loudspeakers were destroyed when the theatre ceiling fell in.
  • The theatre walls collapsed and the flying system was destroyed.
  • The dimmers were all completely damaged. All the flying pipes were damaged.
  • Two remaining walls on the stage were structurally damaged.
Renovated in 2010
2500 seats
Equipment Needed
1)    Bars and Motors and parts for 24 bars on the stage
2)    The stage moving machinery (stage 12 000 x 10 000 mm)
3)    Intercom system


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