Mark Fine (Fine, Mark)

Fine, Mark

Mark Fine - Membership ID#160
Section ou affiliation régionale: Section de l'Ontario
Disciplines: Effets spéciaux; Accessoires; Sur scène; Éducation; Conception; Santé et sécurité

Mark formed AirMagic Special Effects in 1988. AirMagic focuses on live Performance and Events, including Theatrical production, live TV and Sports events, and Corporate and Municipal events. AirMagics palette includes indoor pyrotechnics, aerial and close proximity fireworks, propane flame, smoke, fog, flame, fire, snow, confetti, CO2 effects, water fountains, animated water features, and a long list of custom and off the shelf special effects.

AirMagics team has designed and executed effects in Theatres, Hotels, Convention Centres, Arenas, and Stadiums; on barges, on top of buildings, and in many other indoor and outdoor locations across Canada, the USA, and offshore.

Mark has taught Special Effects seminars at Ryerson University, Humber College, and Fanshaw College, and works with the Explosives Regulatory Division in their pyrotechnic certification programs.

30 Dorchester Ave
Toronto, ON
M8Z 4W3

Téléphone: 416-703-0425
Télécopieur: 416-703-0424


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