Globe Theatre Virtual Backstage Tour

August 11, 2021, 3:30 - 4:30 PM


Globe Theatre Virtual Backstage Tour

Globe Theatre Tour, past, present, future. A look at the former Globe space and the future renovation plans. We will discuss the journey to create the plans and where we go from here as the building starts. We hope to discuss all the questions, troubleshooting and issues that arise when tackling a capital project this size.
Moderator: Matt Frankish, CITT/ICTS President
Level: General (for all)
Discipline: Design, Architecture.

Session's objectives:

Attendees will understand the team's process in design and beginning renovations for a new theatre.


Devon Bonneau
Devon is a technical director at Globe, and an actor and theatre designer whose work has been seen on the Globe Theatre stage as well as the Globe’s Sandbox Series. He was co-creator of this years ‘Behind the Screams’ Ghost Tour and is a graduate of the 2016 Globe Theatre Acting Conservatory.

Eryn Griffith
Eryn Griffith is a lighting designer and production manager. She is currently the Director of Production at the Globe Theatre in Regina Saskatchewan. Eryn is a graduate of NTS, holds an MFA in Production Design from the University of Victoria and a BFA in Theatre Design from Concordia University.

Kate Jackson
Kate is an Architect at P3A. She completed her Master of Architecture at the University of Waterloo. Her thesis, House (Craft): Mobile Housing for a New Generation, was accepted with commendation. Kate worked for P3A as a student in 2013, and she joined the firm full-time in 2016. As an Intern Architect she has been involved in the design and construction administration of a series of complex heritage projects.

Kenilee Kehler
Kenilee is the Company Manager at Globe Theatre and has 12 years' experience as a Stage Manager. Kenilee holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Stage Management and Technical Theatre) and a Bachelor of Education both from the University of Regina.